choosing a sport for your child can be a challenge when considering your schedule, budget and/or location. I was lucky enough to play 3-4 sports throughout the year growing up (football, rugby, cricket and tennis). But if I had the choice of only one sport, it would definitely be tennis.

I gained a lot of valuable skills from tennis which I still apply to my everyday life. In no particular order – here’s my top 9 benefits that I think tennis can bring to kids.

Socialising (new friends)

Socialising and being able to make new friends is incredibly important all through life. Tennis in particular pushes you to learn this skill as it is an individual sport so you will not always be in a team environment.


Tennis is also a great deal of fun! This is obviously one of the important aspects of sport. Tennis coaches and tennis programs are constantly adapting and rolling out new ways to coach kids tennis, so everyone is enjoying themselves as much as possible.

Being Competitive

Being competitive is a very important skill to have because nothing in life comes free. From school grades to that top job at the office, people are constantly striving to be better. But it is also important to learn to not try to skip training. If you do you see your level drop fast. This is a life lesson. Tennis does this. It really helps nurture skills from a young age with fun games that everyone can participate in. As the kids get older and more advanced in tennis then the competition also gets hotter.


Not only is tennis a lot of fun but it’s a great way to get outside and exercise. Tennis Coaches are always introducing fun and engaging games that get all the kids involved, when they give tennis lessons to kids.

Learning to lose

Learning to lose is important, especially when you are trying to learn a new skill. Tennis teaches you that you can’t win all the time and that losing is essential to growing and getting better.

Eye-Hand Coordination

Eye-hand coordination is something we use in everyday life. Even when we are typing or writing, it requires good eye-hand coordination. Tennis is great for this because you are constantly having to track the ball with your eyes, as well as time your swing when hitting the ball back over the net. Great eye-hand coordination also flows into other sports which will mean your child can pick-up different sports quickly.

Learning to Strategise

There are multiple shots you can do in tennis, so therefore there are many ways you can win a point. Tennis teaches you to strategise your shot selection based on your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. The ability to strategise well means you can activate both your left (logical) and right (creative) side of the brain very well. So it is a great skill to learn.

It is a Sport for Life

Tennis is a sport that you can play at a fast or slow pace but the amount of fun always remains the same. So when your body starts to slow down doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun playing some tennis with friends.


Yes I understand this can also be a negative – as travel comes with costs and loss of time. But it is also a great excuse to take the family on a holiday and explore your home country. I know I’m certainly grateful for the memories from our family tennis holidays.