We Everybody The Title Of My Story Says It All We Have a Changing of the Guard In the American League Central.

The Minnesota Twins are Just Doing Everything Right And the Cleveland Indians are Going in the Wrong Direction and Fast.

Here’s The Story On the Twins.

What The Twins Have Done Is something Very Special. They Have the Best Record In Baseball at 37-17 With a .685 Win Percentage. And Yes That Includes the Best Road Record at 18-8 and their Home Record at 19-9 Is Something That No Twins Fan Expected When the Season Started. If you Look at the Numbers a Little Deeper You Might Find Out what the Twins Have Done.

The Hitting.

The Twins Have Hit Over 105 Home Runs This Season and they Are On Pace to Hit 324 Before Season’s End. And I have Two Offensive Machines That Stick Out.

Eddies Rosario, He’s Hit 17 Home Runs And Has 41 RBI’S and He Leads the Team And The Rest Of His Numbers That the Indians Can Use, .282/.312/.565/.877. Now That’s an Offensive Producer.

Jorge Polanco, I haven’t Forgotten Him Either, He’s Hit 9 Home Runs and He Has 26 RBI’S This Season. He Leads the Team In Batting Average and His Numbers Back up What He’s Done, Here’s What I mean, .335/.405/.583/.988. Now there’s a Great Supporter Right Their.

And What the Twins Power Hitters Have Done as a Team Has Been Just Dead Solid Perfect, .274/.346/.520/.866 Now that’s Why the Twins Have Hit Over 105 Home Runs This Season.

The Pitching…

The Starters and the Bull Pen Have Come Through for the Twins In a Tight Spot All-Year, I know they Haven’t Had Very Many Of Those All Season But it’s the Pitching that Can Do Wonders and it Has for The Twins As a Team they have a 3.71 ERA.

And In the Twins 5-3 Victory Over The Milwaukee Brewers Devin Smeltzer Got Called Up From Triple-A To Pitch and He had 6 Scoreless Innings. MY Hats Off to Him.

Jose Berrios, He Leads The Team In with 64 K’s this Season and with a 7-2 Record and a 3.20 ERA He Would Be a Pitcher I Would Love to Have.

Jake Odorizzi, He’s also 7-2 with a 2.16 ERA which He Leads the Team In that Department. I would Love to See Odorizzi Be Somebody Very Special.

Taylor Rogers has Come Out Of the Bull Pen To Hold Leads Like You Wouldn’t Believe, 9 holds and 4save this Season and with a 2.38 ERA I would Love to Have Him In My Bull Pen.

Blake Parker, He Leads the Team With 8 Save and with a ERA of Only 1.96 He Will Be Stepping Up a Little More Down the Road Later this Season.

What The Minnesota Twins Have Done Is Remarkable. They are On Pace To Hit 324 Home Runs and Yes I will Say it Now. The Twins Will Win Over 100 Ballgames this Season and If Anybody would Have told me That The Twins Would Be Running Away In the A.L. Central I would Have Said No WAY!!!!!.

But It Has Happened.

Here’s the Story On the Indians.

The Indians are Only Playing .500 Baseball Right Now and Why you Ask, Well the Indians Traded Michael Brantley to the Houston Astros During the Offseason. And with Trevor Bauer Having only 2 Years Left Before Becoming a Free Agent, He Could Be in the Trade Talks.

Francisco Lindor, Corey Kluber, And Brad Hand have 3 Years Left Before They Can Become Free Agents.

What Has Happened to the Indians, There Best Years Are Over In My Opinion Because If you Look at the Numbers for some of the Indians Players You Will See Why.

Trevor Bauer, 4-4 with a 3.99 ERA He Does Have 88 K’s this Season, He Could Be in Trade Talks Down the Road.

Francisco Lindor, The other Hitting Bright spot, .278/.349/.486/.835 With 7 Home Runs and 16 RBI’S.

Corey Kluber, He’s 2-3 with a 5.80 ERA OUCH!!!!!!!.

Brad Hand, The Only Closer On the Indians Staff 14 Saves With a 1.29 ERA. He’s Worth Keeping.

Oliver Perez, The Year Man, 0 Saves and a 4.73 ERA, Send Him Back to the Minors.

The Hitting…

Carlos Santana Is the Other Bright Spot for the Indians Offense as He Leads the Team In Everything, 9 Home Runs, 16 RBI’s and His Numbers are Good But Still Needs Work, .279/.400/.481/.881.

And as a Team YIKES!!!!!!, .222/.309..358/.668, That’s all the Indians Have Done this Season.

The Pitching…

I’ve Already Talked About Kluber. But Shane Bieber Leads the Team In ERA with a 3.11 ERA This Season and He has a 3-2 other than that That’s All the Indians Have Done this Season as Far as Pitching Goes.

They Only Have one Closer in the Bull Pen the Rest of the Relivers Are Not Much Help Either as they Have Blown Leads almost All Season Long. And it’s Been a Nightmare For Indians Manager Terry Fancona He Lost One Of His Players for the Season and the Indians Traded Michael Brantley Which I thought Was a Dumb Move.

Now Here’s My Take…

The A.L. Central Has Seen the Indians Go From Odds On Favorites to Being Lucky to Finish The Season at .500 Can you Blame the Indians For that. There’s Some Blame to Go Around When Your Best Pitcher Goes Out For the Season you are Back to Square One.

And According to the Odds Makers It was 80-20 Cleveland Winning The Central, Now It Has Flipped the Other Way In Minnesota’s Favor.

The Indians are Going in the Wrong Direction with No End In Sight and the Twins Are Just Playing Near Perfect Baseball and the Numbers and The Games Tell The Story.

And In Closing I will Sum it Up Like this, The Twins are on Pace to Set the Home Run Record and Possibly Win Over 100 Ballgames this Season While the Indians Will Be Lucky To Finish at .500.

So Yes The Changing Of the Guard Is Complete In the American League Central