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Lebron James. Arguably the greatest basketball player ever….easily the greatest overall basketball player ever. The King. His legacy speaks for itself. You can eliminate all of the debates, I don’t have time for it. This isn’t to debate who’s better MJ or Lebron, it’s not to call him out for not winning rings (I find that argument pretty far fetched since Lebron is literally facing the Monstars of the real life). This is to simply discuss a pretty serious question….what happened to the King?

It’s pretty simple to me. He moved to LA and got to big for his crown. His talent is still clearly there as he continues to average 27 points, 8 assists and 8 rebounds. This is clearly not a decline. You can say he has taken a step back on defense, which is very true, he has at times disappeared on the court. The injury did play a role, but it is more than that. The glimmer of hollywood caught him.

Lebron James mid season is producing television shows and recruiting players to star in Space Jam 2 which will be shot in the offseason. He is becoming more business than player and that’s a serious problem. Even the way he talks about his team it sounds business like, talking about other stars joining him and not them. The rest of the team went to shambles after the failed Anthony Davis trade; Not to mention he was way to public about them after they surfaced and Lebron did nothing to back his guys. Instead he openly joked about the trade tampering during the all star games.

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Lebron has shunned his teammates for the bright lights of LA and even though his numbers change and he says his mind will be playoff ready at all times next season….when will his mind become a team mind? Where he can lead a team with talent to the playoffs? Where he feeds the rest of his team energy to make them better than their talent actually is? That’s the Lebron we have come to expect, especially after taking the abysmal roster the Cavaliers had to the NBA Finals.

It isn’t too late, Lebron could still get back on track. Maybe host a party for the team. Make sure they know they are big part of the Lakers and not just trade chips to get his buddies on his team. At this point he needs to try anything to get them to become a unit, and not just a unit that just happens to be on the same roster as Lebron, but a full functioning 15 man unit. If he can’t do that? I don’t care what records he sets the next 3 years with the Lakers, his whole Lakers career will be a failure and his team will be lucky to make it past the second round of the playoffs.