How spoiled are we as basketball fans? We have been blessed with Giannis vs. Kawhi and a great David vs. Goliath match up in the Warriors vs. Blazers.

The East match up is obviously more intriguing because it features one absolute athletic freak and one terminator robot. Both the Bucks and Raptors have done a good job in surrounding their megastar with enough talent around them to advance to the finals. I actually think that the majority of these games are going to come down to the wire. Kawhi is going to be his usual clutch self but I ultimately see Giannis receiving a greater pick me up from his teammates. Kyle Lowry has been pretty atrocious if you’re basing his performance off of other all stars. Yes, we get it Toronto fans….he makes “winning plays.” How about if you’re an all star you don’t have random games where you just don’t show up? I expect things to get chippy around the 2nd quarter of game 1. I’m hoping for fireworks. I hope the basketball gods give us at least a couple of possessions where Giannis and Kawhi go at each other.

Prediction: Bucks in 6 (no not because of the meme either)

Golden State vs. Portland is one of those series that people are going to classically overthink. Yes, Dame Lillard and CJ McCollum are absolutely amazing. But it appears that everybody and their mother have forgotten that Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green went 73-9 a couple years ago. Add in the fact that Kevin Durant might return at some point, this will essentially be a cakewalk to the finals. Let me get this straight though, I hope I’m wrong. I am unequivocally rooting for the Trail Blazers, as every NBA fan should. I could MAYBE see an upset happen if Dame decides to go scorched earth and constantly points to his wrist after every made three. The Warriors dynasty may be reaching its end soon, but I don’t see it happening this round. Warriors fans are going to have to keep that jersey on a little longer until they jump to the next bandwagon.

Prediction: Warriors in 5.