The defending NBA champions Golden State Warriors were in Houston on May 10, 2019, to play the Houston Rockets at home in Game 6. The Rockets hosted the Warriors in a must win game to play the Warriors in Oakland for a game 7. The Warriors we’re missing a key player for the game and that key player was star SF Kevin Durant.

The defending champs were going to let that stop them from trying to win and eliminate the Houston Rockets. The game was close throughout until the last couple of minutes when the splash brothers Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson made clutch 3’s to seal the game for the team. The game ended in a final score of 118-113.

Stephen Curry finished with 33 points and Klay had 27 points and the two superstars for the Rockets James Harden had 35 points and Chris Paul with 27 points, but it wasn’t enough for the defending champs. The Warriors move on to the Western Conference Finals and will face either the Portland Trail Blazers or the Denver Nuggets.

the warriors shut all them haters up, they thought it was over because Kevin Durant went down with an injury, people seem to forget they still have the 3 time champions in Steph Klay and Dre.

Curry had 0 points in the first half and ended with 33 points, that cant happen especially when they didn’t have Durant.

Rockets need a change.