As we move closer to the nba playoffs, there are more predictions as to who will fight for the NBA Championship!!! Will the Golden State Warriors be in the finals again or will another team step up and be in the finals who knows!! But what I do know is the stats!!! Stephen Curry is one of the NBA’s top sharpshooters as Point Guard for the Golden State Warriors!!! Since this team has 5 all stars: DeMarcus Cousins, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green!!! This team will face a lot of competition with top contenders in my opinion being Toronto Raptors, San Antonio Spurs, Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors of course!!! I believe that if Golden State Warriors win the finals again, they will be considered one of the top teams in the NBA!!!

In addition, Draymond Green won defensive player of the year!!! This Golden State roster is going to be a challenge to beat since they have 5 all star players starting!!! Alot of people don’t want the Warriors to be in the finals but who knows what will happen in the playoffs!! It will be exciting compared to last year where golden state swept the Cleveland Cavaliers after JR Smith choked the finals!!! Lebron carried the team with 50+ points and he was exhausted to stay up with golden state warriors. Will see what the outcome is at the end and stay tune for more posts coming up soon!!!