They are many teams that real contenders and fake contenders.
as you look at the standings right now as February 24 2018, this is how it stands in the East

  1. Milwaukee 45-14 MVP: Giannis
  2. Toronto 44-17 MVP: Leonard
  3. Indiana 40-20 MVP: Oladipo (Out For Season)
  4. Philadelphia 38-22 MVP: Embiid
  5. Boston 37-23 MVP: Kyrie Irving
  6. Brooklyn 31-30 MVP: Dangelo Russell
  7. Detroit 28-30 MVP: Blake Griffin
  8. Charlotte 28-31 MVP: Kemba Walker

As we both know the only team that has the potential to beat the top elite teams are Detroit and Brooklyn but for that to even happen, Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond have to have perfect game and they need to play their best for a full 48 minutes , that likely wont happen because Drummond can sometimes dissapear in the fourth quarter, and Griffin can sometimes brick too many shots then he will start jacking up 3s.
Detroit dont have anybody other than those 2 i mentioned, that can actually play and go off any night and please dont tell me they got a elite point guard, because their current point guard is straight up trash, he is named Reggie Jackson who has had only one 30 point game in the past 3 season.
For Brooklyn, they got a decent team, but the only problem here is they need a veteran presence in the lineup which theyre is alot of them in the free agency market right now.
We know what Dlo can do, as Joe Harris , DeMarre Carroll and Affro Legend Allen.
Same thing goes for Brooklyn, they need to all play perfect and at the highest level for them to even be comeptitive with the Elite Teams.
Moving on, they is only 4 teams that are real contenders in the east.
Starting with Milwaukee, who has the MVP of the League in Giannis Antetokoumpo, whos been having a hell of a year, 27 points 12 Rebounds 6 assists a game, they have a good steady lineup from the starting to the bench, and i think they might be the hardest team to beat because of their height and power of all their players, if you got height and power, you will beat the Milwaukee Bucks. Giannis is also setting alot of records, as he is one of the first players in Bucks History to Average 20 10 6 in a season since Oscar Roberston and Kareem Abdul Jabaar.
Raptors , they got the best hard nosed point guard in the NBA In Kyle Lowry, they also got the best bench in the nba, and the best bench in recent years, They got KAWHI LEONARD, the greatest 2-way player we have in this league other than PG in OKC.
Celtics, are overrated, but they got Kyrie UNCLE DREW the SHOT heard around the world, but they got too many volume shooters and you wonder why the chemistry isnt good in Boston.
and Lastly, PHILADELPHIA, The city of Brotherly Love, who got the best Center in the game, one of the most hated two players in the game, Jimmy Butler, who also is always complaning , they got Ben Simmons, Triple Double Machine with no Shot, which is why Philly Dont stand a chance againt the West, because Ben Simmons unability to shoot a jumpshot.
My Prediction in the East Finals:
Toronto Raptors vs Milwaukee Bucks