We saw the ending of Season 4 with the beginning of the transformation of Jimmy McGill to Saul Goodman. We also saw Mike’s transformation. He works for Gustavo Fring, and they are constructing the super meth lab. We also saw Gale at the very end. So we’re obviously going to see more of Gale in season 5. Lalo will involve Saul in a way.

Gus is expecting Gale to carry on the construction that Verner left. This would be a bit of a problem because Gale’s wheelhouse is in chemistry, not engineering. This would present a conflict for Gale because he is going to have a hard time figuring out how to probably construct super meth lab and at the same time keep it a secret. On top of that, Gale’s life is at risk here for two reasons: 1. He might not keep the lab a secret, in which case Mike would have to kill Gale and 2. He might never get the lab done. Of course one way or another, the lab will be complete it’s just the path towards getting it done is extremely complex. Mike might have suspicions that Gale might talk, but I think somehow Gale would get along with Gus and Mike. Another problem Gale would run into is Lalo. Lalo already knows some information about construction going on in season 4, and he would probably plot a hit on Gale at some point.

Lalo is a very vital character in the show. First off, Lalo would have to appear on Better Call Saul at some point due to the fact that his name was mentioned by Saul in Breaking Bad season 2. The reason why he is so important because he is now the main antagonist to Gus Fring and a barrier to the construction of the meth superlab. He is also going to be a problem for Saul Goodman since Saul in season 2 of Breaking Bad thought that it was Lalo who sent the two masked men to kidnap him in the desert. Lalo will eventually know everything about what’s being built under the laundry place. The question is will he trick Bennecker into telling him about the lab, will he follow Bennecker to the site, or will he find out through one of the construction workers. It seems very possible that Lalo would interrogate Gale into telling him about what is being built, and Gale would not give in because we know that Gus trusts him from Breaking Bad. Lalo would also be a problem for Nacho because Nacho is concerned that Lalo might find out that he is working for Gustavo. Nacho and Gus would want to kill Lalo. I think that either Nacho or Gustavo will kill him.

What about the construction workers. We know that Verner is killed. The Germans are going to find out eventually that Mike killed Verner and they would probably rebel at some point in the season. Gus would have to make a very difficult decision to kill them. The 9 witnesses that were assassinated in Breaking Bad would probably replace the Germans.

Saul and Kim would not get along in season 5. Kim’s fate is still unknown, but we might see her in post-Breaking Bad encountering Saul at the Cinabbon place. We’ll probably see Saul make some unorthodox legal practices.