Three Ideal Landing Spots for Le’Veon Bell

The Killer B’s in Pittsburgh have been disbanded. Like the Beatles before them, Bell, Brown, and Roethlisberger split without accomplishing everything they had the potential to during their reign. Throughout the 2010’s, the Killer B’s were the most dangerous offensive trio in the league, bar none. Pairing the 3Killer B’s in fantasy very rarely went wrong. As the 2019 season draws closer, it is becoming absolutely certain that 2017 was the last we will ever see of this legendary trio. Antonio Brown is on his way out after requesting a trade from the Steelers and Bell already skipped the entire 2018 season. Despite the possibility of the transition tag being placed on him, Bell will likely be playing in 2018 and it will not be with the Pittsburgh Steelers. But which teams are the best fits for the talented running back? Discover the three ideal landing sports for Le’Veon Bell in 2019.

The 49ers

In a perfect world, Le’Veon Bell to the 49ers would be a fantasy dream. Matt Breida and Jeff Wilson thrived under Kyle Shanahan in 2018, giving the 49ers one of the most potent running games in the league despite not having any All Pro talent. In total, the 49ers rushed the ball 423 times for 1903 yards and 7 touchdowns. That is a lot of commitment for the running game when you realize that the 49ers spent a lot of time trailing in 2018. With Jimmy G returning in 2019 from an ACL tear, the 49ers would like to ease him back into action. What better way to ease him back into action than by signing one of the best running backs this century has seen? Not only would Bell aid in the run game, but he would also help Jimmy G avoid contact by taking short passes and and making things happen after the catch. The 49ers love to involve their running backs in the passing game. If Freeman, Coleman, Breida, and Alfred Morris can be successful under Kyle Shanahan imagine the things Le’Veon Bell could do. Still, despite the perfect fit, the 49ers already have a logjam at the RB position with 2018 prized free agent Jerick McKinnon coming back to the fold after a Pre-Season ACL injury. With Breida showing potential in his offense, it is unlikely that Kyle Shanahan would want another running back in his offense. So unfortunately, the 49ers remain more of a fantasy than a realistic landing spot.

The Chiefs

Any running back in the Chiefs offense is going to thrive. From Kareem Hunt to Spencer Ware to Damien Williams, the Chiefs offensive production did not change much despite the constant need for change at the RB position. Le’Veon Bell, then, is not a high priority for the AFC Runner-Ups. However, it is fun to imagine the possibilities of Le’Veon Bell in the Kansas City Chiefs offense. In an offense full of screens and dump offs to running backs, Bell, the most prolific catching RB in league history, would have the opportunity to break multiple records in Kansas City while having endless end-zone opportunities for touchdowns. In terms of offensive fireworks, it’s hard to imagine a better landing spot for Le’Veon Bell than Kansas City and this move could push the Chiefs into historic offensive production. Financially, the signing of Le’Veon Bell would make zero sense for the Chiefs. But just imagine how fun that would be.

The Jets

On the surface, the Jets seem like the most logical landing spot. They have tons of cap space, lack offensive weapons, and need a reliable run game to relieve pressure off the shoulders of second year quarterback Sam Darnold. Still, the Jets wouldn’t seem like an IDEAL spot for any free agent. This is the franchise that has fallen victim to Butt Fumbles and foot fetish controversies. Still, Bell would be a good addition for a number of reasons. One, they have the cap space, Two: The Jets need star talent and regardless of your view about the RB position, Bell is a star. Three, and perhaps most importantly, he would help take pressure off of Sam Darnold while also serving as a dump of The Jets would certainly need to shore up the offensive line to fully maximize Bell’s potential and until they do, Bell can not be viewed as a top 3 running back. What he is, however, is one of the best running backs of the 2010’s and someone who is not done. He is someone who can dramatically improve an offense and help the development of a younger QB by taking pressure off him. Bell doesn’t need an elite QB to be effective and he is in line for a couple more big seasons and it would be surprising to me if he doesn’t do that in the Big Apple.