Halloween 2018 could’ve been so much better. There things in the movie they missed! missed! But somehow survived. They did pretty well in Rotten Tomatoes. Could’ve been worse though. This is how Haloween could have been so much better and hopefully, they’ll get a chance to do this in the sequel.

There are three main characters in this franchise: Michael Myers, Laurie Strode, and Hawkins. Plus a new, relevant, character: Karen Strode, Laurie’s daughter. Halloween 2018 is the official sequel of the original Halloween film form 1978. The movie focused on Allyson along with Michael, Laurie, and Hawkins as the film should to maintain its identity. But they focused, particularly on Laurie’s granddaughter. We’ve seen her in the beginning, we’ve seen her friends, her high school, her conflicts, and so on. Why? How is any of that relevant to Michael? What does she have to do with the plot? They should’ve never focused on Allyson at all. The teenager is completely irrelevant here. They should’ve just put a few camera shots on her and that’s it.

So The serial killer Michael has been locked up in a mental institution for 40 years until he escaped in a bus crash. His escape was orchestrated by his Doctor, Dr. Sartain while he was being transferred. Sartain was studying Michael for 40 years in the hopes of understanding what drove him to murder all these people; Sartain wanted to understand what evil is. So he decided to see it in action I guess. But one must ask: Why now? Why wait for decades? That is still left unanswered. I don’t think the doctor should’ve died the way he did in the film, the doc could’ve played a very important role in the sense that he finally understood how Michael functions as this killing machine after all these years and more importantly, he understood how to control him and manipulate him to his will. I think the movie should’ve put the doctor as the main antagonist, using Michael to get what he wants. Maybe, and I’m just brainstorming here, Sartain never wanted to work at a mental asylum, maybe someone or some group(s) of doctors or scientists screwed him over and put him there. So the doc tries to use Michael for that purpose but Michael only wants his sister, Laurie, and things get complicated. The doc eventually loses control over Michael and gets killed.

What’s with the journalists? Why are they so relevant here? Besides the fact that they got Michael’s mask from evidence? Because that’s all they are in the story. You can’t have the mask popping out of nowhere right? Somebody’s gotta bring the mask for the big man himself. And that’s the only justification for their existence in the film. Michael just knifes one and beats the other to death to put on the mask and walla… Michael’s back in action!

Now let’s talk about Karen. The way she was portrayed did a great disservice to the film in my view because she could’ve been the character that kept this movie fresh. When rebooting a franchise, you gotta maintain the elements that made the movie so great in the first place but at the same time, you gotta add something new. Karen is that something new. The spotlight should be more towards Laurie and Karen rather than Laurie and her granddaughter because Karen’s childhood was indirectly affected by Michael. Laurie was expecting Michael’s escape ever since he was admitted. Laurie was overprotective of her child, Karen, so she trains her to get ready to face Michael. This pretty much traumatized Karen’s childhood. Now put yourself in Karen’s hoes for a moment. Say your mother thinks that this serial killer/maniac might one day escapes the maximum security mental institution and your mother also thinks that this killer is evil and is not so easy to kill. So instead of her giving you Barbie dolls or attending your school dance, she takes you to a shooting range and she yells at you like you’re in the military all because this serial killer might escape and he’s very tough to kill. And as you grow older and get more exposed, you notice that this serial killer is still inside that institution and you realize that there is no such person that can get shot and not fall down. So you put all this together and you conclude that your childhood was ruined all because of your mother’s borderline insane superstitions. The reaction that we would expect from you is at the very least resentment toward your mother. That is what we should’ve seen from Karen in this movie. We should’ve seen conflicts between Karen and her mother conflicts that have already been there before even the movie began. We should have also witnessed Laurie trying to warn her daughter that Michael returned, but Karen doesn’t believe her and this could have lead to Laurie getting severely injured towards the end for protecting Karen and her family and Karen would’ve been like “Oh OMG I’m so sorry mommy, you were right”.

Hopefully, the sequel wouldn’t focus on Allyson at all. Maybe in the sequel, they should bring up conflicts between Laurie and Karen and focus more on Karen and expand her more. Also, the movie might need a new antagonist; someone who perhaps want to use Michael as a weapon. Looking forward to it next Halloween.