According to The Independent, Ozark Season 3 is going to air in September 2019. The new season will be more intense, more complicated, more dramatic, and look more real! There are so much to unravel here that I don’t even know where to start. Actually, I do! Let’s get started:

Season 2 ends with a dramatic twist in which the whole family is actually going to stay in the Ozarks instead of attempting to escape the cartel and moving out of the country with new identities after the grand opening of the casino. Why stay? In the last episode of season 2, Wendy had a conversation with the attorney of the head of the cartel, a.k.a the “client”, in which her client had doubts about the casino project being successful. She told Wendy that her client has been looking through their browsing history, hinting that their client has been watching their every move. Wendy interpreted this as a major yet subtle threat to her and her family. So, Wendy is the reason why the family is staying in Missouri. This is not so surprising when looking at the grand scheme; if you want to keep a show going, you gotta add a twist at the end of the season and thicken the plot. That’s showbiz!

Back on point, Martin Byrde would have a lot on his plate after he was shocked to find out that his wife wants to continue laundering money for the cartel. It is amazing, almost unrealistic that Martin did not explode or suffer a mental breakdown given what he has been through in seasons 1 & 2. So we’re gonna see more heated arguments between Martin and Wendy. On top of that, Martin is going to have to deal with the Kansas City mob since they set a fire in his house at the end of the season, he will have a considerably hard time convincing them that he’s going to employ them at the casino. He might also have to deal with the cartel leader.

The FBI will probably stay in the Ozarks because Agent Petty was missing and will soon to be found murdered. The feds will probably think Martin or his family have something to do with it. I think FBI agent Belcher will be snooping around Martin and his family and will probably conduct surveillance. Ruth Langmore is going to struggle to either tell the FBI what happened or keep her mouth shut because she might be accused of accessory and if that happens, they will find and confiscate all the money she got from Martin, they might make a deal with her to give up Martin and the scope of his money laundering operation. And it will be game over for her and Martin and his family.

The Kansas city mob will be all over Martin because he agreed not to employee unions into the casino. I’m really looking forward to seeing more gunfights because if the Kansas city Mob screws with Martin, they’re screwing with the Cartel and the ”Cartel will do what it always does”. We already saw the cartel leader in season 2 aka the ”client”. At his lawyer’s office. That scene was kind of weird and disappointing because I was hoping we would see him more often and engage a bit in the show such as talking with the lawyer or Martin or show up in Missouri just to check on things without actually engaging anyone. We might get the opportunity to see the client not only talking but also engaging in a lot of ways such as threatening Martin and his family or congratulating them for opening the casino, or perhaps engage in a discussion with the mob, perhaps threatening them and so on. The show might also give us a bit of a back story of the Kansas City Mob involving the younger version of ”Jimmy Smalls”. I’m hoping to see a big clash between the mob and the cartel

Wendy might get her hands dirty as she feels that there is no escaping the cartel and also accepts the fact that she and her family are part of the cartel and they would be safer if they do what the cartel tells them to but this might change Wendy. She is probably still a mother who cares for her family but may not be the Wendy that we all know. Charlotte would probably be more inclined to be emancipated because of what her mother might become and because her dad encourages her to do so. As for Jonah, I think he’ll feel a little depressed because of his hair loss, but I believe that he will continue using his intellect to show his parents that he’s useful just to get more attention.