If you have ever boxed a day in your life, then you know how important boxing gloves are. They are by far the most used piece of boxing equipment in the world. As such, today there are several different kinds of boxing gloves being used all over the world and each one is designed to achieve a particular goal. Yet, no matter what kind of boxing glove you choose to wear in the ring, at the end of the day there are only two options in terms of keeping the glove on your hand i.e. either Velcro and lace up.

Now it may not seem like a big decision to choose which one of the two methods to go for in order to strap the glove onto your hand, but as most coaches and seasoned veterans will tell you, it makes quite a difference. After all, it does not matter how well you have mastered boxing techniques, if the boxing glove itself does not remain secured to your hand then all that skill is worthless.

The best fighting boxing gloves are those that not only provide you with the ease, comfort and control to maximize your skill but also remain secured to your hand under all circumstances. Moreover, if you want to progress and develop as a serious boxer over time then you need to make a decision about using Velcro and lace up and stick with it since there is an adjustment period for both kinds of harnesses.

In order to help you decide which kind of boxing glove would suit your daily regimen the best, we will be looking at some of the main advantages as well as disadvantages of Velcro and lace up boxing gloves.

Velcro Boxing Gloves

Velcro boxing gloves have single or double sheet of Velcro tapes on the wrist of the glove, which makes it easy and quick to take on and off. In order to decide which type of boxing glove suits you best, first you need to assess what you will be using the boxing glove for i.e. whether you will be training, sparring or fighting professionally in it. Once you determine that, it will become much easier to pick one of the two options.


Right off the bat, the biggest advantage of the Velcro boxing glove is the convenience it provides during quick sparring and training session. Since all you have to do is stick one strip onto the other, therefore you do not need assistance from anyone else to do so. This makes the Velcro boxing gloves the best boxing gloves for training alone as well as quick sparring sessions. Other than the quick access, the Velcro boxing gloves provide additional support and protection around the wrist due to the straps of Velcro tape.


Where Velcro boxing gloves maximize convenience, they also pose certain risks. If the strap is not properly secure or if it is sticking out from the end then chances are, it will scratch the opponent, which can be quite painful and irritating. Moreover, low quality and cheap Velcro straps lose effectiveness after only a few uses and loosen during training. That is why, it is essential to purchase these types of boxing gloves from reliable manufacturers. An example of such is Infinitude Fight who specialize in boxing equipment.

Lace Up Boxing Gloves

Lace-up boxing gloves are tightened around the wrists using laces, which are then tucked into the inside of the palm.


These gloves are ideal for professional or even amateur boxing matches since they provide ideal and best quality support to your wrist and have the least amount of chances of getting loose. They also have longer cuffs and fit better on the wrist, due to which they feel more comfortable and offer better protection as well and qualify as the best fighting boxing gloves. Moreover, the risk of scratching the opponent is non-existent since Lace-up boxing gloves do not have Velcro at all.


Only one person cannot fasten the lace-up boxing gloves, as in the case of Velcro boxing gloves. In order to tie and tighten the laces around the wrist and tuck them into the inner flap of the gloves, the assistance of another person is required. Though it offers better support and a better fit, the prospect of using these gloves in a quick workout by yourself is out of the question since they cannot be fastened alone and take a long time to put on and take off as well.

After assessing the advantages and disadvantages of both types of boxing gloves, it is time to ask yourself what you will be using the gloves for. Usually it is a good idea to buy a pair of each in case of use in any situation.