Super Bowl LIII is over, and so betting sites have already posted odds for the next one. Here I’m going to quickly run through each team quickly and give a couple sentences about their chances. Obviously it’s a toss-up at this point, but this is just a rough prediction.

1. New England Patriots (+650)

After winning the last Super Bowl and making the last three straight, it makes sense that the Patriots have the best odds here. However, the odds of going back-to-back are pretty low, even for Brady and Belichick. With the amount of talent around the league, expect a deep playoff run (as usual) but maybe not another Bowl appearance.

2. LA Rams (+700)

The Rams dominated the NFC along with the Saints last year due to some huge free agent signings and good game-planning from their coach, Sean McVay. Despite the fact that they could lose some talent in FA this year, it seems likely that they’ll make another deep playoff run, and quite possibly be back in the Bowl next year.

3. LA Chargers/ KC Chiefs (+800)

These teams tied for best record in the AFC this year, and many had one of them making it to Super Bowl LIII. With Patrick Mahomes tearing the league apart in his first year and a defense that can pretty much only improve, the Chiefs are maybe in the best position to make the Super Bowl out of any AFC team. The Chargers, while talented, should struggle to get anything but a Wild Card seed with the Chiefs in such great shape.

5. NO Saints (+1000)

If you’re the type of person to bet on these things right away, I think the Saints have the best value. 10:1 odds on a team that maybe should have been in the Super Bowl in the first place makes the Saints slightly under-valued here. They’re being knocked for losing in the Championship, despite playing a great game and losing in OT after a questionable call. Expect the Saints to be back in full force, as long as Brees keeps up his dominance.

6. IND Colts (+1100)

7. CHI Bears (+1200)

8. PIT Steelers (+1600)

9. GB Packers (+1800)

All of these teams fall into the same category for me. They’re good, maybe 3 out of 4 make the playoffs, but their chances of making the Super Bowl are low. They definitely have a chance, but it’ll take notable improvement to compete at a high level with the 5 teams above.

10. MIN Vikings/ DAL Cowboys/ PHI Eagles (+2000)

13. ATL Falcons/ BAL Ravens/ CLE Browns (+3000)

16. HOU Texans/ SEA Seahawks (+4000)

18. SF 49ers (+4500)

These teams all have an outside chance but I wouldn’t count on them to make it to the Championship round, if they make playoffs at all. They’re a combination of teams that underperformed (Vikings), surprised people (Cowboys, Browns), have shown dominance in the past (Eagles), or are complete question marks after last season (49ers). Some are more likely than others to make playoffs but all would require good drafting, signing, and player development to come close to the big one. I wouldn’t count on it. Note that the Seahawks and Texans are possibly undervalued a little bit here.

19. CAR Panthers/ JAX Jaguars/ NY Giants (+5000)

22. TEN Titans (+6000)

23. TB Buccaneers (+6500)

Some chance to make playoffs here if other teams slip up or these teams improve. Almost no chance to make the Super Bowl. Only team undervalued here might be the Panthers, but they play in a division with the Saints.

24. BUF Bills/ CIN Bengals/ DEN Broncos/ DET Lions/ NY Jets/ ??? Raiders/ ARI Cardinals (+10000)

31. WAS Redskins (+15000)

32. MIA Dolphins (+30000)

Absolute longshots. Coming anywhere near playoffs would be a good season for these teams. No chance at a Super Bowl.