With all of the buzz going on about looming free agencies such as Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving, let’s take a look at another situation that could shake things up just as much. I’m talking about the twenty-five-year-old monster in The Big Easy; The Brow, Anthony Davis.

Let me start off by saying that Davis is not being shipped anywhere unless he requests a trade. Even then however, the Pelicans have him under contract through the 2019-2020 season. With that information, this is strictly an article of what teams he would mesh with best.

3.) Utah Jazz

The Jazz are off to a rough spot for a team with such potential. Rudy Gobert is a glass cleaning machine, but seems to not care on offense. Also, coming off an explosive rookie season, Donovan Mitchell is struggling this year. He needs another star to be able to rely on offensively Because Joe Ingles is a good shooter, but he’s not a star. Anthony Davis is a two way superstar and definitely would help patch some of the holes in Utah’s offense. He would take a dip in rebounds due to Gobert, but with playmakers like Donovan Mitchell and Ricky Rubio, I could only see his Offensive domination skyrocketing. This is my long-shot pick.

2.) Boston Celtics

With Kyrie Irving‘s free agency coming in the near future, Gordon Hayward’s lackluster return, and Al Horford’s slow start, the Celtics have to be looking at all their options to make their push for the title a reality for this season.

The Celtics are in dire need of high quantity rebounders. Not only is Anthony Davis a high quantity rebounder, he is also another serious offensive threat to be fed the ball by Boston’s playmakers. This pick is improbable, but not impossible.

1.) Los Angeles Lakers

This one has been all over most sports news outlets, but it‘s too good of a fit to not be at the top of my list. Let’s not even talk about the King, Lebron James. Let’s talk about the supporting guys in LA. Brandon Ingram has all the makings of a superstar in this league, if he shows that he wants it. Kyle Kuzma is an amazing athlete and only needs to work on his jump shot before becoming a starter. Josh Hart is a great role player and may even develop into a reliable sixth man or even a starter. Now to Lebron. Do I really need to say anything else? He is an all around superstar, debatable G.O.A.T., and future first ballot hall of famer. He has a pass-first instinct and would be able to feed Anthony Davis the ball down low flawlessly. Davis crashes the boards, swats shots, and can take it to the rack with or pull up from deep with ease. Lebron is a veteran, can take a step back offensively because he knows how to do whatever is best for the team. This pick is very likely.

So there you have it, my top 3 trade destinations for Anthony Davis. Take what you want from this, but no matter where he goes, he will make a huge difference to that teams performance. Just look at what he’s done with New Orleans